The Best Happenings You Can Attend in Toronto

If you are planning for your next trip, don’t forget to include Toronto as one of your destinations on the list. Make sure the plans for visiting Toronto is diverse to ensure your schedule coincides with the fantastic happenings in the city. While in this place, you can attend events, such as the following.

Pride Toronto

Each year, this city hosts many people to take part in the Pride Festival. It is an event that happens in June of the year. So, during the whole of this month, Canadians focus on culture and arts. The event also concentrates on sexual diversity and gender in various ways. Hence, if you and your family want to have a great time together, consider this event.

Fringe Festival

For the doze of experimental and edgy theatre, you may attend the Fringe Festival in Toronto. The happening features around 160 uncensored shows that tap different genres. Since 1989, this festival has been strong and running perfectly well. It consists of entertainment, such as musical comedies and dance productions.

National Exhibition

Two weeks to reach the end of the summer, a place near the waterfront in Toronto becomes an action-packed and wacky carnival. Both the tourists and Torontonians spend their time on airshows and doing other activities. National exhibition is a festival that provides a ground for entrepreneurs to come up with different fried dishes, such as the following:

  • Donuts
  • Burger
  • Croissant

Hot Docs Festival

This is a festival that unites many people together to witness the biggest documentary event across the world. It features more than 150 films. So, it is among the most entertaining and informative events that occur every year.

The Bottom Line

When you decide to visit Toronto, remember to check the calendar and see if you will have a chance to attend one of the happenings. Among the best events you can attend, include Hot Docs and Fringe Festivals, among others.